What women can learn from men in communication ?

When in business:


Women seek:



-pyramid top to bottom structure 



-want to be in the center


– want to be on top 



– communicate with excuses, seek confirmation 


-communication is directive



– want to work hard


– want to deliver work in a best way . Choose the right person, play the field right .


Attending a Fashion Show

If you had a chance to attend the London or Milano Fashion Week with catwalk shows, how would you dress?

Building a brand and business for the passion

Recently I came across the story about Anya Hindmarch and how she build her bag business. 

Nowadays there are unlimited wannabe startups ideas and activities and we get intoxicated or at least confused by the start-up madness. It seems to be possible to turn a vegetable shop into some multimillion business. And yet only few really are setting expectations right in order to get on the track of the sustainable success.

The story of Anya Hindmarch shows how persistence, passion and down to earth perception really gives you more control and pleasure when developing your passion into something beautiful.

Have a look  at the video and read at this article on NY Times!

 Just feel free to share your thoughts :-).

Anya Hindmarch Bags Brand

Pilates – the daily fitness companion

First impression counts- the posture, the way of walking and the way you articulate with your body when interacting with people on daily basis, this counts often more then the make up you are wearing.

A training where you don’t need to sweat too much but still  make and intense impact on your body consciousness, build lean muscles on the inside and the outside of the body is still done best through Pilates.

It’s not only having an impact on the muscles, the balance gets improved and your endurance both physical and psychological gets stronger. There is no need to spend lots of money on the gym classes either as it can be done at home every morning.

Celebrities like Jennifer Aniston and Demi Moore and models like Rosie H.Whitely are spending time regularly on Pilates.

Screen Shot 2016-01-10 at 22.14.32

The best book and guide I have been using for couple of years is suitable for beginners and advanced:

Pilates: Body in Motion
by Alycea Ungaro

It’s around 8 Eur via Amazon
Link: http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/0751336912

The training is also great when you are planning to become pregnant as it builds muscles inside and improves the posture.

The main thing which counts is that you don’t cheat on yourself and make it your daily companion for many years.

How to grow and protect your dreams

One of my previous posts was about how to stay true to yourself.

Most of us have a dream or trying to achieve something or maybe have many dreams. vector_running_girl

This dream is like a fragile plant, yet to become a tree and yet to grow fruits. We often want to share our thoughts with other people about the dream we have or the plan we want to achieve and some of us look for advice. Learning how to treat the dreams is something you don’t hear too much, when it mostly starts with comments like ” if you have no plan, it will never work out” or “great idea, but..”.

This negativity might simply be subconcious and a result of something the people experienced themselves in the past. It is better not to talk to many people about your dream and to protect it from the toxic energy like you would protect a fragile plant from heavy wind and hale.

Today I want to share 3 things on how to treat your dreams to make them grow:

Nourish your “plant” with positive messages on a continous basis: Write it down with pen and paper to have a real grasp on it. You might really like to add pictures to it, I love to cut out photos from magazines and stick it into this special diary. Self doubt and fear have no place in it :-).

Bildschirmfoto 2015-10-31 um 09.59.22
Notebook “romano piccolo” with real leather cover, by momentissimo, around 45EUR via Amazon

Stay focused on yourself and your dream: To learn how to focus your thoughts you can use the oldest phiosophy on focus – Shamatha or try modern techniques like Pomodoro.

Keep your dreams and ideas to yourself and be careful what you say and that it comes out right, your words are powerful.

Believe in yourself, protect yourself  and go ahead.

Embracing complex change

The7Cs_of_complex_changeAs an ambitious and competent individual, who values life quality including family it is important to look out for opportunities. Opportunities to help balance the different goals and dreams with the numerous responsibilities.

On HBR.org I came across an article that described a situation we often can face, and I visually
put together 7 major points to visualise what are the steps we should pay attention to, when embracing a complex change in career and life.

What are your experiences and views on how to master the next big step?

7 beautiful websites to refurbish and decorate your house

Elegance and style for our house is no longer just a wish! For many of us it is easy to get distracted in all the different furniture styles with it’s forms, colours, functions and they all look great. But putting random furniture pieces together often ends up in something which doesn’t look as pretty as on the magazine page.

Here are two simple rules: do not use more then 2 different styles, when picking furniture – for example combine industrial and colonial style, but do not add country style notes to it; stick to a dominant color throughout the room as a common ground for combinations of furniture pieces and decoration – for example a light beige will go well with whites, greys, rose, but don’t overdo it by keeping it to maximum 4 colours in the room.

We put together a list of 7 websites, where you can find ideas, guides and those wonderful pieces furniture to create your dream home:

  1. Laura Ashley:LauraAshley contemporary and country style furniture with romantic touch and wonderful high quality  interior fabrics will last for a while and is worth to invest in. Fin out more on lauraashley.com
  2. Joss & Main: changing beautiful style ideas put together and available for a limited period of time and in limited stock, for those deal prices of up to 70% off you will find something right for your nest. Check it out on jossandmain.com 
  3. Made.com: high variety of various interior pieces ranging from average to high in price, this place gets the whole family happy. Find out more on made.com
  4. BoConcept: clear and modern styles with high quality materials might also bring alive your 50 Shades of Grey imagination. More on boconcept.co.uk
  5. Westwing: probably one of the biggest home style websites, where you can get ideas and find all sorts of combinations for your four walls and budget. Check out westwing.com for more.
  6. Monoqi: If you get nostalgic on things from childhood and industrial elements you will find many things to combine with your existing furniture with these creative designers from Germany and around the world. Visit monoqi.co.uk for more cool stuff.
  7. Koziol: fun and useful kitchen decoration or office ideas make you smile in the mornings at the office and home. Browse for more on koziol.co.uk

3 books on luck and strategy for strong women

banner for booksPost

I. Art of War for Women by Chin Ning Chu

The 2,500 years old wisdom of the ancient Chinese war strategist Sun Tzu is used nowadays as a strategy in numerous fields of business and life situations by various people. The renowned Chinese business expert Chin Ning Chu intelligently interprets Sun Tzu’s “The Art of War” for the working women who have goals and dreams. It shows how navigate efficiently through the business world, helps women who want to master obstacles and to succeed building their careers. The 13 chapters are not giving fluffy cuddly advices but reminds you of your weaknesses and strengths as well as it is showing to you that you have opportunities and threats. Chapters:

1. Planning: The Elements of StrategyArt of War for Women
2. Doing Battle: Speedy Victory
3. Strategy: Know Thyself & Others
4. Disposition: Win First, Then Fight
5. Momentum: Use Timing to Generate Momentum
6. Real & Unreal: Illusion is the Other Side of Reality
7. Conflict: Don’t Show Your Hand
8. Imagination: See Things No One Has Seen
9. Managing the Troops: The Principles of Management
10. Terrain: Move According to Your Environment
11. Nine Battlegrounds: Be More Competitive by Doing Less
12. Attack by Fire: Fireproofing Yourself
13. Espionage

Read more: http://www.amazon.de/dp/1596591285

II. Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg

Sheryl Sandberg bookSheryl Sandberg is COO at Facebook and has a strong professional background. She is sharing her career experiences and attitude, it is not her focus to show that every woman needs to become a COO like her, but inspires women to dare more in their career and private life no matter what financial or social background you have.  Also she describes it doesn’t have to be a choice between child and career, she shows that both things and more are fully possible and shares her doubts and emotional highs and lows with the reader.

Read more : http://www.amazon.de/dp/0385349947



III. The Black Swan by Nassim Nicolas Taleb

All swans are white…this is what Europeans thought until they got to Australia, whereBlack Swan Book they discovered black swans. Unusual and non- stereotypical events or ideas are not recognised by our society so that our learned perception of things or events does not allow us to think out of the box, to think originally and thats why it makes it difficult to foresee and spot unique things.

Thats why the success of Google, the financial crisis and also the worldwide impact of the internet were not expected by anyone. This book is not delivering recipes on how to spot black swan events in your   own environment, but is an eye opener on luck, risk and decision making where the audience thinking is provoked by this brilliant analysis.

Read more: http://www.amazon.de/dp/081297381X



5 Best Fashion Apps to flourish your style and organize your closet

LogoFashionAppsWardrobe Do you sometimes find yourself digging through the closet, desperately looking for something to wear? Do you think that your wardrobe is in a need of some kind of upgrade? Well, today there are countless apps, websites and books to help you sort your clothes. Even though apps can be very useful, they are also confusing and overwhelming as there are so many.

Don’t worry, I’ve done some work and narrowed down the huge ocean of apps to a small pool of best 5 applications I think every girl and for sure many guys would benefit from.


Screen Shot 2015-07-02 at 12.50.14

This app allows you to create looks from your own closet and your cosmetics collection and combine it with the things you like. You can follow fashion bloggers and become smarter in your style. Get Inspired by make up looks and wardrobe experts, or just show your talent and ideas. My personal favourite so far.

The app is really addicting, so easy to use and so many inspiring things to find. Includes cut out feature, and you find enormous amount of retailers from around the world.


This french app is available on Android and is very easy to use. You can create outfits from your wardrobe or upload pictures from styles you like. There is also a cut out feature what I find so handy, and you can add the year when you purchased something so it has history. You can share your outfits on Flipboard, LinkedIn, Facebook ,Whatsapp etc. It doesnt have a shopping feature yet, which can be budget saving 😉

The Outnet

With this app you can find wonderful discounts, up to 75% off on designer clothes. The clothes are categorised and you can browse by price range and colours and of course brands. It’s a very useful app when you are in search for your seasonal  signature piece.

Elle Style Finder

Elle Magazine app has a daily styling inspiration and if you want to make sure you buy trendy, tasteful, elegant and sexy stuff, you should become a loyal user and visitor of this place.



Screen Shot 2015-07-02 at 13.21.26 Screen Shot 2015-07-02 at 13.22.04The app has 90 features, including packing feature with lists, cost per wear feature, calender, cut out feature, catalogue creation on professional level. The app is on Top 10 List of Vogue Paris, Instyle and Cosmopolitan. The cool thing is, there is a version for men, awesome! You can shop with 7000 retailers with this app and share via FB, email, and Twitter. Little downside, it’s 3.99 EUR